Color pencil on the paper
25cm x 25cm

Nudibranch Gathering
Color pencil and Watercolor on the paper
35cm x 45cm

When I was young, I was drawn by nudibranch I saw from an marine life documentary. Its diversity in
appearance and vivid colors, I fell in love how they look. From then, I started to paint nudibranchs.
Below two are my favorite pieces.

Profile Picture
Ink pen on the paper
54cm x 35cm

Some people are not interested in anything other than simply watching animals in the zoo. Popular animals might given names, but most of them are not. Each animal differs in appearance even within same species. We may think all 'lions' and 'bears' are the same, but in their own world they could have names and interact with each other like human beings.

Imagined Self
Watercolor and color pencil on the paper
54cm x 35cm

There is a childrens book I read so much that its cover almost tear apart. As a kid I always imagined adventuring the world. Even now, as an adult, I dive into imagination reading a book.